I am sad to announce that "DC Dead" will not be presented during the 2017 Halloween season.

We hope to bring the Staphers back to DC in 2018.

"Santa Fe Dead" will be happening, so if you feel like a post apocalyptic road-trip, the undead will be waiting for you...in New Mexico.

Last years hit Halloween attraction is back! Come enjoy this all new story in a brand new location. 


Teams of 6 are equipped with "neurotoxin" darts and sent through a zombie infested building to find the weapon that could end the undead onslaught. One part haunted house, and two parts interactive theatre, DC DEAD is a must this Halloween season. Explore the hidden hallways of the Anacostia Playhouse in SE Washington, DC. Salvage supplies and maybe save humanity...but watch out, the undead are lurking just around the corner. 
DC DEAD is an immersive game - you will be chasing Zombies and Zombies will be chasing you! Please come prepared to stand, climb stairs, scavenge for supplies and dodge that fatal swipe from the infected undead! Recommended for ages 14 and up.

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Survive the infection - Fight the undead - Take back our city