Goldstar Review - 5 stars
                   "It was like waking up in the Resident Evil video game"

Facebook Review - 5 stars
 "I normally don't do reviews, but I have to for DC Dead. I love, love, love going to haunted houses and every year I seek out the scariest ones I can find. This is hands down the best Halloween attraction in this area and I've been to most of them! Even beats out a lot of the out of town attractions. I hope they're able to continue this next year. Actors were great! And the interactive element added so much to the experience. It's not rushed like most haunted houses, so the scares are not ruined by the group ahead of you."


Reviews from visitors

Survive the infection - Fight the undead - Take back our city review - 5 pumpkins
"Best Halloween experience in DMV!
I'm a huge fan of haunted houses and am always looking for something new every year. I found it big time with this hidden gem. This place is like nothing you've ever been to before. It's like you're in a videogame or a episode of the walking dead."

Facebook Review - 5 stars

Goldstar Review - 5 Stars
            "Two dads took four teenagers on this adventure and had a blast. It was a highly entertaining, well planned interactive theater experience unlike anything we'd seen. The kids were laughing and reenacting it for hours." review - 5 pumpkins
          "This place blew us away with how fun and engaging it was. The actors were spot on with their improvisation, adding humor and a sense of false reality in their rendition of the post zombie world. The house was more than entertaining, required team work, and provided a ton of laughs as well as some good scares. It was much more intense than it was scary, but wow was it a blast! If you are thinking of doing only one haunted house this year, make it this one. It feels like a Left4Dead mission played out in real life. Most certainly an experience WELL BEYOND that of a typical haunted house. Great job!!"